The Latest in Cosmetic Treatments & Chemical Peels

Beauty Treatments You Can Trust

Beauty treatments help us to feel amazing about ourselves, and can give use the confidence we have been hoping for. Treatments can be anything, from hair to makeup, however, what ever interests you, you should invest into as treating yourself can act as a form of therapy.

Brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening

A bright, white smile is one of the quickest ways to feel good about yourself. In just one appointment your teeth could be lightened by up to 8 shades. Make sure to go to a reputable dentist for the best results.

Find out more about cosmetic dentistry.

Why not try a full range of skin peels?

Sun, stress, hormonal changes and environmental influences take their toll on our skin causing it to become blemished and prematurely wrinkled. Read more.

Chemical peels are often used to reduce these effects by removing the top layers of skin, together with the blemishes and superficial wrinkles.

The aim is to expose the new skin beneath, which, after healing, will appear flatter and more youthful with fewer or no blemishes. Stronger, chemical peels can produce a deeper, more effective peel than can be obtained with natural acids. Contact us.

healthThe best way to restore your skin

An extremely popular choice across the globe is the vitalize peel it’s a popular and powerful un-harmful chemical peel which is very gentle on the skin. More than one treatment may be required and can be used safely and effectively on other sun damaged areas such as the hands, arms and chest.

This treatment will vary in price it can cost in the region of £150-£200 making this treatment very good value for money in comparison to many other treatments.

See More: NHS Chemical Peels.

The ultimate trick to feeling younger every day

Semi permanent makeup can help you to feel younger, look flawless and save time every day. Subtle changes are made to your eyebrows, lips or eyes by qualified artists so you are left with potentially life changing results, typically ITEC approved.  We hope you wake up every day with a new found confidence.

All cosmetic artists must be trained and qualified before undergoing any treatments on clients, many of which have taken part in innovative programmes to help further their semi permanent makeup skills. Click here for permanent makeup courses.