Weight Loss

We have a weight management programme to suit everyone.

Whether you wish to lose a few pounds, a few stone or more, or simply to shift ‘stubborn’ areas of fat, we can help.

Our expert team of Consultants, Dieticians, Personal Trainers and Lifestyle Coaches will be able to design a treatment plan to help you see and feel real results. All treatment plans are devised with you in mind, making them entirely individualised to suit your personal aims and requirements.


For the purpose of treatment in this lesson, the abdomen means the soft, malleable area below the ribs and above the pelvis and pubic bone.

This area contains unprotected and partially protected vital organs - the liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen and pancreas, all partly under the ribs; then, below that, the large intestine or colon, surrounding the small intestine, with the kidneys behind; and lower still, the bladder and reproductive organs.

Treatment must take into account the vulnerability of these organs, and pressure should be modified accordingly if there is a known problem with any of them, or if any treatment causes sharp or sudden pain.

The abdomen is sensitive or tense in some people; watch your partner’s face from time to time as you work on it, or check by asking them, and temper the pressure if you observe discomfort. Pent-up emotions are often held in the abdomen, rather than being outwardly expressed, causing sensitivity here.

The abdomen, called the ‘hara’ in Japanese, contains an important internal energy centre, the Tan Den, in the middle of its lower half.

This is considered in the Orient to be the major centre of the body’s underlying energy and strength. Its condition profoundly affects general health, vitality and longevity.

If the hara is healthy, you will find a sense of strong energy here; it should seem bouncy and resilient to the touch; not hard, excessively swollen or, on the other hand, completely soft and lifeless.

The upper half of the abdominal cavity should feel reasonably soft and open.

Hardness and impenetrability here is a reflection of the underlying condition of the organs beneath, indicating stagnation or imbalances in Ki flow.

This part of the abdomen also houses the solar plexus centre, which governs issues of confidence and exercise of will power.

Tension in this area, particularly in the diaphragm, also reflects pent-up emotion, often related to these issues.

Shiatsu helps with release of these tensions, and over a period can profoundly support this aspect of personal development.

Lose Inches Around Your Abdomen

Liposuction (fat suction) was popularised in the early eighties and completely revolutionised body contour surgery.

It was initially designed to resculpture parts of the body, which had unsightly stubborn areas of fat, which did not respond to diet or exercise.

Liposuction can benefit many patients where previous techniques of body contouring were inadequate in achieving the desired result.

It can also be combined with other standard procedures thereby producing better and longer lasting results such as in face lifting or abdominoplasty.

We have many specialists that have years of experience in carrying out liposuction procedures, to find out more about getting this procedure carried out in Brighton don’t hesitate to contact us.

Weight Management services

The Weight Management services which we offer range considerably, including our unique weight loss programme using a personalised plan of diet and lifestyle changes, all the way through to gastric banding surgery and Lipo treatments.

We have personal trainers and lifestyle coaches in place to assist you in maintaining your weight loss once you have achieved your goals.

We also offer a medically assisted weight management programme for people who require additional assistance with their weight loss.

This involves an initial consultation with a dietitian and a doctor, and the prescription of any medication that may be required for a short period of time to assist with their weight loss.

The programme involves regular follow up and monitoring of results regularly to ensure the best results